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Demystifying Telecommunications Invoices and Services

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As an Owner or Director of any Business the one constant are the invoices you need to pay.

Most seem straight forward, so you pay them without any questions. Then you open your Telco suppliers’ invoice and immediate shock horror, followed by the awful thought of either having to contact their billing department and being fobbed around from department to department and repeating yourself over and over and no one being able to explain or care.

You decide to contact the Sales representative who promised you such a great deal on your communication needs, but alas they’ve left the organisation or if they still happen to be employed they’re just too busy to return your call to fix your over complicated billing query which they probably signed you up for. Where does that leave you? Complaints department? TIO? It’s as complicated as the invoice you probably now need to pay, or face being disconnected. How did you get here? Everything seemed say straight forward when you signed up.

One of the problems with big telecommunication companies is that they have so many different products, networks, billing rules and product compatibility issues that their legacy billing systems of which they have multiple don’t talk to each other (Strange for a communications company I know). It feels like you need a Telecommunications degree to understand charges and strange items that now appear on your bill. The service rates you were promised probably needed a special billing code to be applied however someone forget to manually apply this for your company or the sales rep wasn’t exactly honest when signing you up. Imagine then discovering you’re in a 3, 4 or even 5-year contract.

If you managed to have the issues fixed, what happens when you want to add more services to your account? Or even downgrade your plan? Is the current setup you were sold even compatible for growth or downgrading? If not does this mean the current contract can be terminated or upgraded? Who pays for that? Does that also mean a new contract or expensive hardware upgrades? Don’t you think Its time for Businesses to have full control of their billing and only pay for what you need. Contracts should also be a thing of the past.

Untangled ICT and DialPad believe customers should be able to:

Be Scalable

Each business has a unique set of communication requirements at different times of the year. DialPad give you access to a cloud phone system to give you the ability to grow or downsize when you need to. It allows you to add or remove features and add or remove users so that you’re using the correct number of resources – whether it’s the busy season or business as usual.

Not pay for Hardware Maintenance

Because DialPad is a Cloud based phone system, there is no expensive hardware or hardware and no system maintenance required.

Save Money

On premise Phone systems are not only very feature poor but are very expensive and have a use by date. Generally, you’ll also need cables that are run by the telephone service provider which are run on archaic technology and expensive to maintain.

Because most businesses have employees who work off-site or from home, they need to have access to the same communications tools as those who are based in the office. Does your current on premise phone system allow this?  If it does, I bet it would be expensive and require specialised hardware and IT technical setup and support. Because DialPad is delivered through the cloud, all of your employees have the same ability to use the system – no matter where they’re located or what device they’re using.

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