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Relocating your Business - What questions are important so you can keep or improve communications?

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Relocating your Business (From an ICT Perspective)

The time has come,  you’ve decided to move the entire office to a new address, This decision could have been made for you due to out-growing your current dwelling, Maybe your accountant told you its best to downsize and they think you can save a few bucks, Or perhaps you just want to move to the cool part of town to be around like minded industry. Businesses move and relocate all the time. It’s very common. Whatever the reason a Business needs to be aware of the impacts and formulate a project plan to make this happen as seamless as possible. As much as you try and plan, generally something goes wrong. Below you’ll see several keys points to consider:

Talk to your ISP about relocating your Data connection.

This sounds straight forward, however depending on your Internet Service provider (ISP) and what type of technology you currently have, this may not be available at your new chosen address.

 - Check what is available, will this be suitable?

 - What is the lead time to connect or relocate your connection?

 - Can they guarantee you’ll be live on the day you want to move?

 - How much will this cost?

 - Are there any hidden charges like lead-in cabling from their Contractors?

 - Will you keep the same IP addresses?

 - Will you need to run two connections at the old and new address for a period whist the move is taking place and what will that cost be?

Once you have all the above information and price options, your IT will need to be involved in working out what physical servers need to be relocated.

 - How much work will be required to reconfigure the network so your staff can see the same applications?

 - Does the new site have the correct LAN Cabling?

 - Is there cabling at all?

 - What about your Wi-Fi network and Video Conferencing equipment

 - Will this work when you move?

Traditionally one oversight that many small to medium businesses haven’t considered is their telephony and their office numbers. The two are generally separate services you will really need to consider on how they are relocated to the new office. The majority of SME we deal with have their office phone numbers with a Telecommunications provider or reseller on a mix of different technologies. This could be on the NBN, PSTN, ISDN2, ISDN10 or SIP Networks – Yes, they’re all different. Currently as its stands Telcos won’t be relocating PSTN, ISDN2 or ISDN10 services due to these networks being decommissioned. So, where does that leave you? Your carrier may be able to migrate your numbers to Business SIP trunks, however there is a coast associated with that, not only from the technician’s time but more importantly will your phone system be compatible? Will you need to upgrade this archaic equipment? What will that cost?

Untangled ICT can help with this component.

Move your old telecommunications infrastructure and Hardware to a cloud environment. It’s simple, fast and cost effective. This means no phone lines and phone system relocation charges and no hardware upgrades. The calls are run over a simple to use application and/or web-browser. Imagine if your relocation was delayed or there were issues with the new data connection? Staff could simply take calls from their mobile devices or computer and work anywhere. The other key part to this is you would have full control over the way the calls are distributed and answered. This part you can take control of.


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