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Why do people buy Dialpad?

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Why do people buy Dialpad?

Work from Anywhere

One of the best features of Dialpad is that it can be with you everywhere. Basically, this means your office or desk phone number can be used if you're working from your Laptop, Tablet or Mobile, anywhere in the world, you’ll be able to make and receive your business calls. This is great for travellers and companies that have employees that work from home or looking at implementing a work from home strategy. The other key benefit is allowing contractors to still use their personal mobile phone and display the office number instead of the contractor’s mobile phone number.

Call Recording and Voice Intelligence.

The obvious benefit of being able to record a conversation with your customers is generally around Business Requirements for Compliance and Training purposes. DialPad has the feature straight out of the box. However where DialPad goes a step further is a feature called Voice intelligence (Vi) .In Laymans Terms this will transcribe your customer conversations giving your company an insight and understanding of your conversations into something you can actually use, search and report on.

Simplicity of Use

Most Business owners will know how a traditional on-site phone system can be very complex, expensive and feature poor. DialPad removes all of this. Systems can be deployed rapidly removing the cost of hardware and technicians time. A Business using DialPad will have full control of how you want your office phone to operate. The other key part to this is the integration with application and tools that Business already use, like Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce to name just a few.

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